This page is maintained by Marlene Bruland, Skating Instructor-Lynden Skateway

Every Thursday morning from 10:00-11:30 there is a special skating session the Lynden Skateway in Lynden, Washington, for Tots and their parents. The session includes a short instruction class, cookie and juice break, and games. Parents may skate or walk with their children and the session is open to pre school and young schoolage children. A great way to spend time with your child and have fun leaning how to Rollerskate.

Short Class Period
Learning how to skate!
Cookie and Juice Break and then
back out to skate
Hokey Pokey Time. Everyone makes a circle and do the Hokey Pokey. Fun for all !
Learning how to skate is fun!
Limbo is fun-As the bar gets lower and lower the skaters keep trying. Everyone gets into this game.
Grandma, Mom and Tot
skating together!

This session was designed exclusively for younger skaters and is great because they can learn without being afraid of the older skaters during regular sessions.

Class and session is conducted by Marlene Bruland, Certified USACRS Coach-Lynden Skateway

If you are interested in attending this session, you are welcome to come. More information is available thru the Email link below. Hope to see you soon.

EMAIL Marlene Bruland